May 20, 2010

We begin with a simple introduction. My name is Nathan Flagg Stevenson, I live in Moscow, Idaho and I paint pictures. I started painting when I was a Senior in high school, over seven years ago. I studied with a professional portrait painter named Neilson Carlin ( for five years, in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. It was my honor to study with such a wise instructor, painter, and man.

While studying with Neil I became enveloped by the idea of starting my own school someday. The creative energy, the ever growing challenges of teaching, and the unending coffee drinking is still thick in my blood. While I have taught at the middle school and high school level, I believe that there are individuals who wish to continue their art education but don’t have time for university classes; you are who I want to teach.

A little about the program:

-This is a program loosely based on the Atelier method of art instruction, small class size and one-on-one direction.

-Although my preferred style of painting is ‘representational’, I encourage all styles of painting to attend a lengthier course description. Our doors are open.


-We will begin with painting (in oil) from a black and white value scale in order to gain an understanding of light and shade. There will be multiple paintings done this way before we move onto color.

-The color program will begin with the creation of your very own thirty-six hue color wheel. From there we will paint single-hued objects, bi-hued objects, and anything else you might want to paint.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at:

I hope to hear from you.

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May 20, 2010

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